KLC Corporation Holiday Notification!

Our office will be closed for Chinese New Year break from the 26th of January 12pm till 2nd of February.

We will be returning from the break with fresh creativeness and bring you better services!

TAIWAN KLC Corp. wishes you and your loved ones the very best in life and pray for your success, joy and contentment. Looking forward for your continuous support and good wishes. Happy Chinese New Year!

KLC CORPORATION has more than 30 years of expertise in development of ceramic semi-conductor heating units and sophisticated hardware accessories. While technically mature enough to manufacture high valued products, yet service-minded enough to give attention to detail and customers' satisfaction. Reliability, prompt deliveries and reasonable price levels are guaranteed.

Our multi-functional air heaters are patented worldwide and conformed to CE, UL, CSA and GS safety standards. We believe that the quality of products and services benefits from a good organization of the operational activities and from well structured decision processes. ... More

Featured Products

Flexible Heater

Static Electric Therapy Apparatus. Item: MSH8899-16N

PTC Heater Fan. Item: MSH Type

Flexible Heater Film

Static Electric Therapy

PTC Heater Fan
Item : MSH Type
(Used by Samsung)

Metal Stamping; Housing

Far Infrared Heater Tube

PTC Heating Elements. Item:PTCR Rectangle Type

Metal Stamping

Far Infrared Heater Tube
(for sauna system)

PTC Heating Elements
Item : PTCR Rectangle Type

PTC Heater Fan. Item:SS Type

Digital Temperature Time Controller for heaters and heating elements 

PTC Heater Fan
Item : SS Type

Temperature Controllers