Polyimide film heaters to drones

Polyimide film heater to drones

The following are two applications of Polyimide film heaters :

  1. Drone lithium batteries do not perform well in low temperature environments:
    The performance of drone lithium batteries in low temperature environments is indeed challenging. When the temperature drops to -20°C, the battery efficiency may be only 50% of the original, and at -40°C, the efficiency may be only 12%. In order to solve this problem, an ultra-thin flexible heater can be used to raise the ambient temperature of the lithium battery to above 0°C to restore normal charging and discharging functions.
    This can maintain the operational performance of the drone in cold environments.
  2. Camera lenses working at high altitude are blurred due to low temperature or water vapor:
    When the camera or lens is exposed to low temperatures at high altitudes, rain or clouds, water droplets will condense on the surface of the lens, causing blurry images. Through the ultra-thin flexible heater, the fog on the lens surface can be quickly removed, maintaining the clarity of the image and ensuring the normal operation of the camera.

These Polyimide film heaters are lightweight, flexible, and highly efficient, making them ideal for use in drones and photographic equipment to improve their adaptability and performance in extreme environments.

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