Temperature and Time Controllers

TAIWAN KLC developed simple to use Temperature Controllers that can be utilized with KLC’s heater product range for lab testing, room heating or end product temperature control.

The Micro Temperature Controller‘s small, compact design(patented) provides a quick solution for implementing heating features into your existing designs without the hassle of reorganize circuit layouts. It’s robust feature allows customized ON/OFF temperature range as well as time interval settings, with more than 10,000 specifications available. It can be utilized in with our light weighted Ultra-thin Flexible Heater, or with any products with limited space.

The 4 Phase Temperature Controller uses the PWM mechanism to control power input, giving four settings of 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% power input. The output temperature varies depending on the heater device. It’s small, light, easy to control, especially suitable for heater blankets, pet warmer, heater mattress etc.

The Digital Temperature Time Controller is designed for more precise heating. The temperature can be controlled within 1’C of the set temperature with sampling rate at 100ms. It is most suitable to be used with KLC’s heating elements like  Ultra-thin Flexible HeaterFar Infrared Heaters and low ampere PTC Air Heater and PTC Heat Conductors.

Quality Standard

More than 5,000 of our patented standard Ultra Thin Flexible Heaters are CSA, UL, CE recognized and also REACH, RoHS compliant.

(cUL File Number: E315621 / CE: IEC60335-1:2010 & EC60335-1:2012)

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