Ultra thin flexible heater applications

Ultra Thin Flexible Heaters

KLC Corporation offers precise heating solutions with MUTEX Ultra-Thin Flexible Heaters. Choose from a wide range of cUL and CE certified standard round and rectangular shapes. Find the perfect thin heater for your needs.

If you are looking for Ultra-thin Flexible Heaters for your application. please contact us on +886-4-25330456 or email: info@ptc-heater.com.tw right now!

Standard Flexible Heater Specifications (Partial)

Flexible Thin Heater Features

Features (1)More than 5,000 CUL approved standard heaters. (2) Uniform heat distribution. (3)Lightweight, flexible and ultra-thin (<0.22mm). (4)Available in all size and shapes, include shapes with holes and… (More)

Flexible Thin Heater Applications

Applications : Protect sensitive components from damage caused by condensation and cold conditions.  Outdoor surveillance camera, antenna, wind generator, ATM, credit card machine, Computer equipments (IC chips/ PCB boards) … (More)

How to Select Flexible Thin Heaters

Help you select the flexible thin heaters that suit your need. By selecting from our standard range products you can save time and cost during application testing. We have more than 10,000 standard heaters to select from, with more than 5,000 are cUL recognized… (More)

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions on Flexible Thin Heaters

Q1: Do I need Thermostat? Q2: Which attachment method should I use? Q3: Can Ultra Thin Flexible Heater be used suspended in air?… (More)


Custom specifications can be designed according to customer’s requirements. Including size, voltage, wattage and/or temperature.

Quality Standard

More than 5,000 of our patented standard Ultra Thin Flexible Heaters are CSA, UL, CE recognized and also REACH, RoHS compliant.

(cUL File Number: E315621 / CE: IEC60335-1:2010 & EC60335-1:2012)

Do You Need Help?

We can help right from the beginning. We may have some suggestions on progressive and compound tooling that will speed up production and deliver quality pieces at lower prices.

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