Electrotherapy Apparatus (Static Electric Therapy Apparatus) Features

Product Description

1. Acquired patents from a  QMS certified manufacturer

Building on twenty years of innovation and design experience, the chairman of KLC Corporation, Yin-Chiang Wu is well-known in the electronics development industry. Mr. Wu recognized the future need of preventive medicine. Over years of extensive investigation and study of technical documents from Japan, Mr. Wu integrated these techniques and successfully designed several Electrotherapy Apparatus (or Static Electric Therapy Apparatus) that evidently had highly curative effects on human body. KLC Corporation had then further acquired patents and safety certification in both domestic and foreign countries.

2.  No habitual side-effects

Many people may have experiences like this: spent thousands of dollars to purchase a Electrotherapy Apparatus that has obvious curing effects at the beginning, but after using it for one month at home you can hardly feel anymore improvements. This habitual side-effect is caused by poor design of electronic potential frequency. The most common solution used in the market is by automatically switching the high voltage while in use, to extend the time for the side-effect to take place.  However, KLC Corporation is committed in finding a permanent solution in oppose to a temporary solution that my cause health damage to our valued customers. The benefit of KLC Corporation’s unique frequency design will not cause the habitual side-effect  even with long-term usage of the same voltage.

3. Unique design emitting large amount of Negative-ion

Whilst high electronic potential activating blood cells in the body, KLC Corporation’s Electrotherapy Apparatus also releases high density of negative-ion into the air.  Negative-ion was known for eliminating allergy causing particulates from the air you breathe. It purifies and bringing freshness into the air, making your body full of air’s vitamin.

4. The one and only that can be used simultaneously with Far-Infrared heating mats

People that have previously used Electrotherapy Apparatus should know that while in-use, it is prohibited to use any electronic devices, as the apparatus’s extremely high voltage may cause electronic devices to malfunction. Integrating Far-infrared heating element with Electrotherapy Apparatus together is no doubt an extremely complicated and difficult technique. Mr. Wu upholds the belief of been the leading company in the market. Through constant innovation Mr. Wu designed a device that can generate both heat and high voltage. Pushing the boundary and creating new breakthrough.

5. Power saving, continuously use for 8 hours~ only cost NTD$ 0.1

Must High voltage products have high power consumption? The answer to that question is no doubt not so. With power of only 0.1Watt, is not only save, even when it is continuously used for whole eight hour, it only cost NT$0.1. Not only allow you to stay healthy and also save money on your electricity bill.

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