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Taiwan KLC Far Infrared Ray (FIR) elements features:

Exclusive Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Formula

Far infrared element are generally classified into two categories (1) Natural far infrared ray emitting minerals (2) sintering of various compounds under high temperature to create unique far infrared ray emitting ceramics. Far infrared ray emitted from natural minerals are by and large uneven, they are usually treated as far infrared ray minerals when the slightest far infrared ray is detected during the acquisition/collection of these minerals. The performance of far infrared ray elements created through high temperature sintering of raw materials also varies with different proportion and formulations. Poor far infrared ray ceramics have lower emission efficiency/intensity and shorter life-time.

Taiwan KLC’s far infrared ray ceramics was founded 15 years ago by three university students. These three students graduated from a well know Taiwan university and started to investigate the best far infrared ray formula. At the early stage, they incidentally placed a glass of wine on top of a piece of far infrared ray ceramic, within a very short time the wine became more mellow and tasted much better. They were overwhelmed by the outcome that FIR can completely change the taste of the wine in such a short period. This made them believe the market of FIR has unlimited potential and started to invest their time and money in the study of various far infrared formulas. After three years of study, their far infrared ray formula has outperformed all other far infrared ray products on the market. However, without marketing channels they did not have adequate funding to sustain. Due to their long business relationship with Taiwan KLC in purchasing PTC heating elements, they sold their FIR ceramic formula exclusively to Taiwan KLC and withdrawn from the market.

In order to improve the effectiveness of the far infrared ray, Taiwan KLC specifically classified the FIR into medical grade far infrared ray and industrial use far infrared ray. Medical grade FIR are mainly used in FIR heating blankets, seat pads, FIR sauna, FIR radiation lamp, FIR clothes etc. Whereas, industrial use FIR are most suitable for use in FIR oven, FIR hair dryer, FIR hand dryer, FIR buffet food tray heating and many more.

Medical Grade FIR

No doubt the ideal far infrared emissivity (emission intensity) is 100%, however, the intensity is not the only thing to look at, the emission ray must also be compatible with human body wavelength and temperature. Generally, human body temperature is at 37℃, according to Wien’s Displacement Law the most suitable wavelength for human body is:
2897 constant ÷ (273 + 37 ) absolute temperature = 9.3 μm wavelength

Hence when FIR is used at 37℃, if the emission intensity of FIR is at 9.3 micron, the stronger the penetration of FIR and more effective.

Human body temperature is around 36.5~37℃, which is around 9~9.5 micron. When FIR products are heated up to 42~50℃ and is in direct contact with human body or skin, FIR emission will resonance with water molecules and human bones. At this point, the FIR at 9~9.5 micron will affect the resonance of human body.

Test Reports by ITRI , Industrial Technology Research Institute listed by Taiwanese Government, shows that Taiwan KLC’s far infrared emission at 8 to 12 micron is in average of 96.7% emissivity, which is far better than most of the FIR in the market. This specially formulated FIR is suitable for general use as well as for heating, whether heated or not FIR will effectively promote blood circulation and reduce pains.

FIR (Far Infrared Ray) mattress Test Reports by ITRI , Industrial Technology Research Institute listed by Taiwanese Government

Table below shows the test conducted by China Textile Industrial Research Center on the affect of FIR mattress on human blood. This experiment proves medical grade FIR is able to increase both blood volume and blood velocity. It does not only help boosts blood circulation, but also increase body temperature.

Testing Device: FIR mattress
Test Method:
1. Ambient temperature: 15℃ 75%RH
2. Test Subject: Male, age 30
3. Testing Device: Moor MBF3D Thermovision 9000 Series
4. Testing condition: Lying still for 60 minutes

Test Items Test Area Test Result
Before Test After using FIR Mattress  (60 min) Rate of Change
Average Blood Volume Left Index Finger 36.9 54.2 +47%
Right Instep 5.1 7.5 +47%
Average Blood Velocity Left Index Finger 9.7 18.1 +87%
Reight Instep 8.0 10.9 +36%
Body Surface Temperature Left Index Finger 33.6℃ 35.1℃ +1.5℃
Right Instep 53.3℃ 34.4℃ +1.1℃


Medical Grade FIR Applications:

  • FIR Sauna
  • Shoe insole
  • Far infrared radiation lamp
  • Far infrared tea pots and cups
  • Far infrared clothes
  • Far infrared mattress/ blankets
  • Water filter
  • Water dispenser
  • FIR heating pad
  • Knee protector

Medical Grade FIR Features:

  • Improve quality of food and water
  • Improve taste
  • Food preservation
  • Deodorize
  • Sterilize
  • Pain relieve
  • Enhance blood volume and velocity
  • Increase body temperature
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Promote regeneration and fast healing
  • Increase metabolism between blood and tissue
  • Enhance white blood cell function, thereby increase immune system
  • Removes accumulated toxins by improving lymph circulation
  • Enhance the delivery of oxygen and nutrients in blood cells


1. S, I. and K. M, Biological activities caused by far-infrared radiation. Int J Biometeorol 1989. 33(3): p. 145-50.
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3. Udagawa, Y., H. Nagasawa, and S. Kiyokawa, Inhibition by whole-body hyperthermia with far-infrared rays of the growth of spontaneous mammary tumours in mice. Anticancer Res, 1999. 19(5B): p. 4125-30.
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Industrial Use FIR

The ideal emissivity of FIR is 100%, however, it must also be compatible with the temperature and wavelength of the item to be heated. To heat up food, the temperature is usually around 90℃, according to Wien’s Displacement Law, the most compatible wavelength can be calculated as follows:
2897 constant ÷ (273 + 90 ) absolute temperature = 7.98 μm wavelength

Hence when FIR is used at 90℃, if the emission intensity of FIR is at 7.98 micron, the stronger the penetration of FIR and more effective.

KLC’s specially formulated FIR heaters are exceptional for use in baking and heating applications. When FIR is used in ovens, the baking time required reduces as the FIR heat can penetrate into the food more effectively than conventional oven and cook from inside out, leaving food moist and flavorful. The FIR heat makes the meat, fish, poultry more succulent and delicious by keeping the moisture and juice inside, crisp and browned on the outside even without using any fats or oils.

Industrial Use FIR Applications:

  • FIR oven/stove
  • FIR BBQ stand
  • Automobile fuel saver
  • FIR hair dryer
  • FIR baking plate/stone
  • FIR ceramic pot/cup
  • FIR hair curler/permer
  • FIR food warmer

Industrial Use FIR Features:

  • Improve the taste of food and quality
  • When backing, FIR locks the juice in meat, keeping the meat moist and tender
  • Keeps moisture in food
  • Enhance hair condition/dries hair faster/reduce frizz
  • Improve car efficiency
  • Reduce carbon output
  • Increase horse power

Research Reports Published on International Paper

Taiwan KLC cooperated with a national medical academic research institution by providing Medical grade FIR ceramic plates for cellular research. The medical academic research institution published their research results on both National and International papers in 2011. Please see extracts below:

In-Vitro Observation on Effect of Far-infrared on of 3T3 Fibroblasts Morphological Change for Implication of Wound Repair (Extract)
“Far-infrared radiation (FIR) had drawn a lot of attentions in many therapeutic aspects. In this study, we used 3T3 fibroblasts to investigate the effect of in-vitro FIR treatment on fibroblasts morphological change for implication of wound repair. We proved that exposure to the FIR can enhance the overall capability of cell growth in our in-vitro observation. Our results showed FIR effectively facilitated the cell proliferation with an increasingly cellular growth to 1.04×105 /cm2 on the 3rd day in 40-min FIR treated group. The average change of cellular area continuously increased to above 0.08 cm2 in FIR treated groups on day 3. In addition, the pseudopodium-like and polygonal shape of 3T3 fibroblasts were observed in fluorescent images in FIR treated groups. Our study showed that FIR treatment for 40 min induced fibroblasts growth and further affected its cellular morphological change.”

“FIR is known to promote fibroblasts growth [7] and accelerate wound healing [2]. The likely reason is that the ability of organic matter can absorb FIR at wavelengths between 7 and 12 μm. Despite the findings of various cell types, there is a lack of studies on the effects of FIR on neurons or neuron-like cells. In this study, we used PC12 cells as an in-vitro neuronal model for investigating the FIR effects on neuron growth… In our 6th-day observation, FIR treated groups were easy to form neural network and to facilitate longer neurite in contrast with control groups. In comparison with control, the differentiation of neuron-like PC12 cells grew and formed neural network on day 3 of culture by FIR treatment. FIR treatments of varied cells have been investigated and shown positive effects on cell growth [1-6]. Our study also showed FIR treatments have good impact on neuronal growth and assist neurons to form neural network as early as possible…. Since nerve damage could not be restored, our advanced FIR treatment could facilitate to form neural network quickly. FIR treatment is a breakthrough of neurological study and has potential for applying in future neuronal regeneration.”

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