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Taiwan KLC Corporation is a leading designer and manufacturer of heaters, offering precise heating solutions with the MUTEX Ultra-Thin Flexible Heater. This advanced heater outperforms conventional heating elements with its excellent physical and electrical properties, ensuring thermal stability over a wide temperature range.  If you are looking for flexible heaters for your application, please contact us on +886-4-25330456 or email: right now!


1. Choose installation option
2. Select from Standard or Customize
3. Determine detailed specifications
4. Choose optional accessories
5. Test and prototype

1. Choose installation option

First, select from Clamping or Adhesive installation options. It is crucial to ensure the heater is properly installed with no gaps or air pockets between the heater and the contact surface underneath, as these gaps can cause hot spots and lead to premature heater failure. Clamping is required for heaters with watt density greater than 0.8W/cm² and is optional for other heaters.

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2. Select from Standard Heaters or Customize Heaters

Next, for starters, it is typically more cost effective to select from our standard heater range for application testing. We have more than 10,000 standard heaters to select from, with more than 5,000 are cUL recognized. It is recommended for you to pick the heater that’s closest to your specification for proof-of-concept testing first before working on customized solution.

Standard Round Heaters Standard Rectangular Heaters Customized Heaters
Ultra thin flexible Heater Part Numbering

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3. Determine detailed specifications

Then, define the specifications by considering the dimensions, voltage, temperature range, maximum watt density, and power required. For a more accurate estimation of the power, also account for heat loss factors through conduction, convection, and radiation. Use our online tool for a general estimation of the required power (W) through temperature rise to select a standard heater for initial testing.

When defining the specification, must consider the dimension, voltage, temperature range, maximum watt density and power required. For more accurate estimation of the power, also need to consider heat loss factors through conduction, convection and radiation.

For a general estimation of the required power(W) through temperature rise, use the online tool to select a standard heater for testing first. Back to Top 

4. Choose optional accessories

Thermostats and heat sinks are also available for selection. Please see list provided on our website for selections available.
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5. Test and prototype

Test the heater performance and discuss with our professional engineers. We will work with you to meet your application need!
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6. Customized heater

Please email the following details to We will be happy to assist you with your requirements:

  • Required Dimension
  • Voltage
  • Wattage
  • Estimated Quantity
  • Detailed Application
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Expected Temperature Rise
  • Time Required to Reach Desired Temperature
  • Material of Object to be Heated
  • Dimension of Object to be Heated
  • Weight of Object to be Heated
  • Attachment Method (clamping or adhesive)
  • Other Accessories Required (Thermostat, heat sink…etc)
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