PTC Applications

PTC air heaters have versatile applications. They are used for residential heating, vehicle heating, industrial heating, electronic products, and agriculture/greenhouses. Providing efficient and adjustable heating, they ensure comfort and temperature control in different settings.

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Applications PTCR Thermistor Elements PTC
Heat Conductor
Water Heater
PTC Heater Fan
PTC heater fan
PTC Heater Frame
PTC Heater Frame
Integrate with Far Infrared Technical Details


Heater Fan
Air Conditioner
Air Dryer
Cabinet Dryer
Hair Curler
Dish Dryer
Shoe Dryer
Hand Dryer
Cloth Dryer
Toilet Seat Heater
Facial Steamer
Steam Iron
Thermostat Cabinet
Mosquito Repellent
Coffee Pot
 Surveillance Camera
(Built-in Thermostat Heater)
IC-Use Thermostat heater
PTC Heated Glue Gun
PC Board Protection


PTC Air Heater (Positive Temperature Coefficient Air Heater) is a device that utilizes the heating properties of Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) materials. PTC materials have the ability to regulate their own temperature, adjusting the heating power according to the ambient temperature. PTC air heaters have various applications, including:

1. Residential Heating: PTC air heaters can be used in home heating systems, providing fast and even heating. They can be used for indoor space heating, bathroom fan heaters, electric heaters, and more.

2. Vehicle Heating: PTC air heaters are widely used in automobiles, trucks, and public transportation vehicles. They provide instant warm air inside the vehicle, ensuring passenger comfort.

3. Industrial Heating: PTC air heaters are also used in industrial applications such as heating and drying equipment, heating plastic molds, and temperature control for machinery.

4. Electronic Products: PTC air heaters can be applied in electronic products such as electric fans, hairdryers, and air purifiers, providing adjustable warm airflow.

5. Agriculture and Greenhouses: PTC air heaters are used in agriculture and greenhouses to protect plants from low temperatures and provide a constant temperature environment.

These are some common applications of PTC air heaters, offering efficient and reliable heating solutions in various fields.

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