Standard Ultra Thin Flexible Heaters – Rectangular 110V (Copy)

  • It is made of polyimide film as outer insulator, metal foil and wire as inner conductive heating element,and heat-sealed by high temperature and high pressure.It has excellent heat conduction efficiency,and excellent resistance stability.
  • Safe to use with stable performance. equipped with self-adhesive can be fixed on the item surface easily.
  • Good softness, Flexible, Fast preheating speed, Long service life, Good stability, High insulation strength, High electrical strength, Small size

Product Description

Taiwan KLC Corporation, has more than 10,000 standard flexible thin heaters to select from, with more than 5,000 cUL recognized. For the first order, it is recommended that you pick from our standard heater that’s closest to your specification for proof-of-concept testing before working on a customized solution.


Simply select the desired Diameter, Temperature Rise, and Voltage and specify the estimated Quantity, Installation choice, and Application. We will be happy to assist you to meet your application need!

The standard length of the lead wires is 200mm (20cm), please let us know in advance if a different wire length is required.


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