Standard Ultra Thin Flexible Heaters – Rectangular Shaped

Product Description

Taiwan KLC Corporation , has more than 10,000 standard flexible thin heaters to select from, with more than 5,000 are CSA, UL & CE recognized. For first order, it is recommended for you to pick from our standard heater that’s closest to your specification for proof-of-concept testing before working on customized solution.

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Simply select the desired Diameter,Temperature RiseVoltage and specify the estimated QuantityInstallation choice and your Application. We will be happy to assist you to meet your application need!

The standard length of the lead wires are 200mm (20cm), please let us know in advance if different wire length is required.

Rectangular  Ultra Thin Flexible Heaters with various specifications from 1.5V~600V


  • The “Temperature Rise” value is for reference only, the actual temperature rise will vary with different ambient temperature and application.
  • It is recommended to use Clamping method to install the heater if Power Density(W/cm2) is greater than 0.8W/cm2
  • For standard round heaters, the length(B) must be greater than the width (A).
Material : Polyimide (PI)
Shape : Rectangular
Length : 10, 13, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63, 80, 100, 125,
160, 200, 250, 300mm
Width : 10, 13, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63, 80, 100, 125,
160, 200, 250, 300mm
Temperature Rise
: 30、60、90、150、180、210℃
Voltage : 3、3.7、4.2、5、9、12、24、48、72、120、240VAC/DC

Selection Example:

Shape : Rectangular Voltage : 5VAC/DC
Length : 100mm Quantity : 1K
Width : 125mm Application : Outdoor ATM
Temperature Rise : 30℃ Other Requirements : Require adhesive backing

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Other Related Data

Wattage Range : 1.16W~738W
Resistance Range : 2.11Ω~629,000Ω
Maximum Power Density
With Adhesive
Without Adhesive
0.8 W/cm2
2.36 W/cm2
With Adhesive
Without Adhesive
0.26mm (0.0102 inches)
0.22mm (0.0087 inches)
With Adhesive
Without Adhesive
: : 0.05g/cm2 (0.0114oz./in2)
0.04g/cm2 (0.0009oz./in2)
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